reclaimID / Websites

For websites

Step 1: Installation

Please use the GNUnet installation guides.

Step 2: Registering an OpenID Connect client

The easiest way to manage OpenID Connect client is through our CLI tool:

$ gem install reclaim-oidc

To register an OpenID Connect client, execute:

$ reclaim-oidc --add --client-name myclient --redirect-uri --description "My Client"

You can list all registered clients and your local OpenID Connect metadata required to initiate an authorization code flow by executing:

$ reclaim-oidc --list

The response will look like this

OpenID Connect Provider Information:
Authorize Endpoint: http://localhost:7776/openid/authorize
Token Endpoint: http://localhost:7776/openid/token
JSON-Web-Token Algorithm: HS512
JSON-Web-Token key: secret
Example Authorization Redirect:

Registered Clients:
name: myclient
client_id: <client_id>
client_secret: <client_secret>
description: My Client
NOTE: The client secrets and JWT token signing keys can be configured. However, due to the fact that re:claimID endpoint are running on your local machine, they are not critical.

Step 3: Website integration

You can use the information above to integrate re:claimID as a generic OpenID Connect Identity Provider into the web application of your choice. The integration steps for this part depend on the application you use. Hence, please refer to your respective documentation or the OpenID Connect specifications.