Verein zur Förderung von GNUnet e.V.

About GNUnet e.V.

On December 27th 2013 a group of GNUnet hackers met at 30c3 to create the "Verein zur Förderung von GNUnet e.V.", an association under German law to support GNUnet development. The Amtsgericht München registered the association on the 7th of March under VR 205287.

The association is officially dedicated to supporting research, development and education in the area of secure decentralized networking in general, and GNUnet specifically. This is the official website for the association.

Becoming a Member of GNUnet e.V.

GNUnet developers with git (write) access can become members to participate in the decision process and formally support GNUnet e.V. For this, all you have to do is update the members.txt file in the gnunet-ev repository. There are no membership dues; however, members are required to support GNUnet e.V. and in particularly contribute to the technical development within their means. For further details, we refer to the Satzung (Charter) (currently only available in German, translations welcome).


You can find our charter, and the list of members under The current board consists of:

Martin Schanzenbach
Stellvertretender Vorsitz
Florian Felgenhauer
Florian Dold
Christian Grothoff, Julius B√ľnger

Official Meeting Notes

  • 2013: (Protocol: txt)
  • 2014: (Protocol: txt)
  • 2015: (Protocol: txt)
  • 2016: (Protocol: txt)
  • 2017: (Protocol: txt)
  • 2018: (Protocol: txt)
  • 2019: (Protocol: txt)
  • 2020: (Protocol: txt)
  • 2021: (Protocol: txt)
  • 2022: (Protocol: txt)
  • 2023: (Protocol: txt)

Support Us!

Everybody is welcome to support us via donations. For financial contributions, Europeans are able to donate via SEPA. We hope to setup accounts in other major currency areas in the future. You can also donate via Bitcoin, routing details are given below. Please note that we are unable to provide receipts for your donations. If you are planning to donate a significant amount of money, please contact us first as it might be better to come to a custom arrangement.

DE67830654080004822650 (BIC/SWIFT: GENODEF1SLR)