Update for NGI Zero Entrust: GNS to DNS Migration and Zone Management

We are happy to announce that we have successfully completed two Milestones:

  • Milestone 2a: A GNS Registrar Backend.
  • Milestone 2b: A GNS Registrar Frontend.

The resulting code can be found in the usual place. There are no tarballs available for the time being. The component is built with simplicity and privacy in mind: There are no accounts required; we also refrained from using JavaScript for the front end (for now). This component effectively replaces the "first-come, first-served" GNS name registration service previously shipped as part of GNUnet. Hence the service at has been replaced. The registrar integrates with GNU Taler, allowing you to test both functionalities at the same time! Don't worry, you do not have to use actual money, as you can use the demo currency from the Taler demonstrator to register names for a relatively small portion of the play money you receive when you sign up there.

We encourage you to try it out now and register you own zone key. We plan to ship this zone in the default configuration of the upcoming GNUnet 0.21 release under the domain ".pin.gns.alt". Note that current releases are incompatible with GNUnet, and this also applies to the node connected to our registrar deployment.

Watch this space and the mailing list for updates!

This work is generously funded by NLnet as part of their NGI Zero Entrust Programme.