This is our roadmap. We distinguish between short, medium and long term goals. The roadmap is subject to change and its primary purpose it to indicate the current work in progress and future work as well as the path to a stable release. Goals which are currently in active development are marked in bold.

  • Medium term


    • TNG: Transport rewrite. [Open issues]
      • TNG service
      • TCP communicator
      • UDP communicator
      • UNIX Domain Socket communicator
      • NAT
    • CORE/CADET: Performance and correctness improvements.
    • CONVERSATION improvements to performance, latency hiding and usability.
    • Stable and usable documentation.
    • GNUnet packages available and up-to-date in distributions.

  • Long term


    • Stable release.
    • Onion routing with RPS
    • Mix network, pEp integration on top of mix network
    • Collaborative filtering / news distribution
    • Improved FS design, proper integration with GNS