GNS Technical Specification Milestone 4/4 and Packaging 1+2

We are happy to announce the completion of the fourth and last milestone for the GNS Specification. The fourth milestone consists of involving a broader community for feedback and improvements:

Based on this and private feedback received, we updated the draft and the implementation. Most notably, GNS now supports alternative cryptographic schemes for zone keys ("crypto agility") which allows alternative zone types. The (protocol breaking) changes will be released as part of GNUnet 0.14.0. The specification document LSD001 can be found at:

Further, work on packaging has been done on Alpine (Packaging 1) and Debian (Packaging 2) packages. The packaging for Alpine is complete, the Debian package is in progress as review and final integration is out of our hands. For reference see also:

We will continue to engage with IETF/IRTF as much as possible (online or in-person) including future presentations and discussions at IETF/IRTF. There is still a packaging task open for Fedora (3) which is still work in progress. This work was (and other aspects still are) generously funded by NLnet as part of their Search and discovery fund.